As a Micro-brewery 
our Ales and Lagers are
available to go

Squealers - 750 ml $7.00  (2 beer)
Squealer Jug $5.00 (one-time purchase)

Growlers  -  1.9 litres $12.00  (5 ½ beer) 
Growler Jug $6.00 (one-time purchase)  

Party Kegs  -  20 litres  (50 beers) 
50 litres (125 beers)
Complete with dispensing pump

Plus HST
( $150 Refundable Deposit required for kegs) 

To order in advance call 742-7311
E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



Our unique ten barrel gravity flow brewery located on site, is the only brewery on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

We pride ourselves in brewing handcrafted full bodied craft ales, in the English tradition, using only quality fresh malted barley, hops, spring water and top fermenting yeast.

Our high quality ales are served unfiltered, naturally carbonated and contain no adjuncts or preservatives. 


More about our beers:


A blonde ale derived from a blend of Canadian 2 row barley wheat and Munich malt. A light but mellow malty character giving way to the aromatic flavour of cascade hops on the finish. Great with food or on its own is what makes this beer our most popular.
Acomplex red velvety smooth ale designed with 4 specialty malts and 2 varieties of hops. A superb pub ale that compliments food and is a local favourite.
An English Style brown ale with a rich chocolate-like profile accentuated by hints of hop flavour and aroma. A must try if you are an aficionado of brown ales.
A deep dark rich and malty flavour is soft and complex in the true Scottish Ale style. A real treat that leaves you wishing for just one more sip. As we say here "Don't be afraid of the dark!"
A Golden Wheat beer with a hint of raspberry. A light refreshing drinking beer. A nice change from coolers or spritzers.

 Ask about our Specialty Beers on tap!

To: General Manager

I am the Grand Circle person you were so kind as to take time to show your brewhouse to on what was a very very busy night. Having been employed by a large brewery in my career (5 million bbls annual brewing capacity), It was an experience to see a small operation such as yours and such a very good one. Your brewery shared many of the properties that I had seen in the larger one. I think first and foremost was the cleanliness of your production area. At the Ballantine brewery cleanliness was a mandatory thing. All brewers know as yours does a wild yeast infection can put you out of business fast. Your Brewmaster knows from whence he comes as you are not using malt syrup, but the real grain. I have seen many microbreweries that do not brew and their product shows and tastes like it. At my meal the brews I tasted were first class, clean tasting and with the most proper level of hop flavor. You showed me that you are starting a take-home package operation. I would have liked very much to have had the chance to discuss your preservation method with you as this was one of my specialties as a beverage chemist.

Thank you again and should I ever get back to Yarmouth, Rudder's Restaurant will be a required stop for more of that good brew.

John Krieg

Waterfront Express

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96 Water Street, Yarmouth
(902) 742-7311